Knox City Shopping Centre

Knox City Shopping Centre
Knox City Shopping Centre
Knox City Shopping Centre

Project Details


Knox City Shopping Centre

Client Needs

As a major retail centre in the Outer Eastern suburbs, Knox City Shopping Centre management recognized a need to remain visually contemporary in its efforts to attract retail clients.

External surfaces were beginning to show the effects of weathering, with paint tones fading and a colour scheme evidence of another era in its history. 

The contractor engaged to conduct this large scale painting work would need to have experience with works of this magnitude, including the use of various high access equipment, along with the need to complete these works during business hours with minimal impact to the site’s daily operations.

Painting Strategy

From the original detailed proposal through to the completion of works, Furlong Painting worked closely with the site representative to ensure the many facets of the project were considered.

Our strategy needed to reflect some significant operational / logistical challenges, including :

  • Safe management of electromagnetic emissions from radio antennas
  • The use of abseilers for painting of office towers 
  • Numerous and various sized boom equipment
  • Traffic management 

Furlong Painting’s strategic planning and implementation resulted in a successful project delivery on time and to a high standard of quality and safety.

Project details