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Centennial House
Centennial House
Centennial House

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Centennial House
Client Needs

Centennial House is an aged care facility located in the outer eastern suburb of Wantirna South.

Our client, Freemasons Homes for the Aged, recognized the internal and external breakdown of coatings and both the structural and aesthetic impact this was having on the local community.

Externally, rendered wall surfaces were exhibiting breakdown and general disrepair, whilst timber coatings had seen better days. Internally, the high use nature of the facility resulted in many walls, doors, architraves and skirting needing rejuvenation and a move to a more contemporary scheme. Works would need to occur during normal working hours, hence communication and scheduling was of utmost importance.   

Given the size and cost of such a project the client required an option to amortise the costs across a period of time.

Painting Strategy

Furlong Painting was engaged to perform two distinct projects. 

Externally a once off rejuvenation project was undertaken that would renew current paint finishes on previously painted surfaces and use specialist repair / coating techniques to previously rendered lower and upper wall areas. To ensure safe access to areas at height, appropriate elevated access equipment and roof harnessing was utilised.

Internally, a longer term paint maintenance process was devised and implemented. This included an initial repainting to previously painted surfaces to return them to a high standard of finish. Across the following 5 years at annual intervals a paint maintenance will be carried out to most worn areas to ensure the facility continues to project a fresh and clean environment, with all costs amortised across the life of the programme.

Furlong Painting staff, all of whom meeting stringent compliance requirements, were able to coordinate with the facility manager and residents to ensure a seamless flow of the project. 

Making sure the facility continued to provide a safe and warm environment, the staging of these works was critical, as was the selection of appropriately skilled painters (in both painting acumen and character).  

A contemporary colour scheme was implemented with the result being a more modern and appealing residential facility.

Project details