Occupational Health and Safety

Furlong Painting is committed to maintaining a safe and healthy work environment for all operatives and members of the community.

Supported by industry professionals, Furlong Painting has developed processes and procedures to design, implement, monitor and review safe work methods. This includes a site specific job safety analysis for each project.

An Occupational Health and Safety Manual with clearly defined policies and processes is available to each foreman, along with Safety Data Sheets for products used on each site.

In addition, Furlong Painting strongly believes in actions supporting these policies, providing quarterly training for regular operatives covering areas such as:

  • Worksafe requirements – legislation, compliance and accident / injury management
  • Hazard Identification – Job Safety Analysis for all projects
  • Quality control strategies
  • Product Safety Data and new developments
  • Working at Heights – Including Elevated Work Platform Certification for operatives
  • Manual Handling
  • First Aid
  • Scaffold construction
  • Environmental management - Zero waste to ground practices

Furlong Safety System

Occupational Health and Safety Accreditations exist with…