Operating on very tight timelines and specific job requirements. From small touch up and surface renewal projects through to large scale retail centre tasks, our large contingent of painters can manage any size project, with an ability to schedule out of hours work a feature.

As a CM3 Pre approved contractor, we offer our clients a high standard of Occupational Health and Safety policies and procedures.

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A solution to questions such as:

  • Does our facility project the image I wish for our business?
  • Is the facility engaging for our customers?
  • Are our tenants or customers greeted with a dirty environment or one that is welcoming, fresh and vibrant?
  • Do we have parts of the building that are in need of repair?
  • Is the colour scheme outdated and needing a contemporary ‘facelift’?
  • Is our flooring showing signs of wear and trapping health issues?
  • How do we ensure facilities remain fresh and serviceable in areas of high pedestrian traffic and regular use?
  • Who has experience working in both large scale and small scale environments?

A tailored strategy for needs such as:

  • Colour – How can we involve a professional colour stylist?
  • Cost – How can it fit it into our budget?
  • Safety – How can we ensure safe work practices are implemented and all compliances are met?
  • Multi trade needs – How can we organize all parts of the works?
  • Multi-site – How can we address multi- site needs?

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As a major retail centre in the Outer Eastern suburbs, Knox City Shopping Centre management recognized a need to remain visually contemporary in its efforts to attract retail clients.

External surfaces were beginning to show the effects of weathering, with paint tones fading and a colour scheme evidence of another era in its history.

The contractor engaged to conduct this large scale painting work needed to have experience with works of this magnitude, including the use of various high access equipment, along with the need to complete these works during business hours with minimal impact to the site?s daily operations. Shopping Centre

From the original detailed proposal through to the completion of works Furlong Painting worked closely with the site representative to ensure the many facets of the project were considered.

The company shows a strong commitment to Health and Safety. JSAs are always prepared and MSDSs are on site for all products in use. The painters are well presented, are very competent in their trade and always keen to satisfy.

– Naveen Radhappan, (former) Operations Manager

On a daily basis, the shopping centre welcomes thousands of customers to its retail outlets. With that comes an amount of human and mechanical damage to painted surfaces which Centre Management are focused on addressing immediately, to maintain a high visual standard for the shopping community. A regular paint maintenance program was required to address these high traffic areas quickly to maintain this high standard.

Furlong Painting has been engaged to provide this for over a decade, addressing highest priority paint needs on a weekly basis. With an intimate knowledge of the site, our painters are able to liaise with the local maintenance staff at regular intervals and provide a quick response to needs.

Waverley Gardens has used Furlong Painting for many years to assist us in maintaining the high standard of presentation of the Centre at all times. Their painters are always well presented and perform their works with little or no disruption to the traders or the general public, and are always willing to work in with the requirements and peculiarities of a retail shopping centre.

– Colin Franke, Senior Operations Manager – Waverley Gardens Shopping Centre

Just as their motor vehicles project an image of quality to their client clients, the Stillwell Motor Group recognized that their facilities must also convey the same high standard. From showrooms to workshops, clean and fresh surfaces were the requirement and this meant an ongoing approach to paint maintenance.

Furlong Painting was engaged to develop a long term paint maintenance strategy for multiple sites that would see surfaces returned to a high standard and then yearly maintenance of these areas to ensure the feeling of quality was retained. With facilities in operation six days a week, timing of works was extremely important. Hard wearing non slip epoxy floor coatings were provided to workshop areas, projecting a clean, safe and professional work environment.

Furlong Painting have maintained both the Brighton BMW and Mornington BMW showrooms to the high BMW brand identity guidelines issued by BMW head office in Munich. The team have come onsite once a year assessing wear and tear and key areas of focus and carried out all maintenance work to the highest standard with as little interruption in the daily running of the dealerships.

– Brighton BMW Management